About Onesole Shoes

Onesole is a new concept that allows for the purchase of one or more soles, then the separate purchase of any one or more designer tops that suits your taste, mood, or occasion!

Change your style with a snap
The Most Comfortable and fun shoe you will ever experience!

Imagine being able to go on a trip and only pack one pair of shoes, but be able to match 20 different outfits to that 1 pair knowing that no matter what the activity you will have comfort and style  -- Onesole is every women’s dream come true!

Onesole takes a single sole and transforms it with just a snap, from rhinestones to clogs, trendy to traditional, strappy sandals to elegant night fashion.  Onesole does it all.

Onesole is a shoe that can go from dressy to casual in a matter of seconds. This revolutionary shoe offers women the freedom to have many different looks, colours and comfort without having a wardrobe full of shoes.

The History of the Original Interchangeable Shoe
Dominique McClain Barteet, creator of Onesole Shoes, is a pharmacist that worked standing 12 hours a day. She needed a comfortable shoe that was also fashionable. She invented Onesoles with Soft-Step insoles and interchangeable tops. She travelled extensively and Onesole enabled her luggage to be lighter. She combined fashion, comfort, versatility, and convenience.

Today the Onesole shoes are selling like hotcakes around the world and there is no other product like it in its existence.

Dominique Barteet - creator of Onesole shoes

Dominique Barteet - creator of Onesole

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