Introducing Onesole shoes, the creative, unique shoe with comfort, style and versatility.

This new concept allows for the purchase of 1 or more stylish soles, then the separate purchase of any one or more designer tops that suit your taste, mood or occasion.

Dominique McClain Barteet created the Onesole interchangeable shoe, because of an idea and need for such a shoe due to her extensive traveling.  She wanted to create a shoe that would be fun, versatile, and comfortable. 

The Onesole has evolved into a unique shoe concept that can be personalized, customized and is ever changing with the fashion trends easily and affordably. 

Quick Change Artist is now launching a new line for the Onesole shoe that will feature renowned artists work on the tops for a Signature Series Collection!

Quick Change Artist's Onesole shoe idea is a 20 year vision that came to fruition in the year 2002. “We wanted to create a shoe that would be versatile, fun, economical, and easy for travel. You can virtually have a closet full of different shoes with a couple of our soles and some tops.

Each sole has interchangeable tops that fit every sole with just a couple of snaps. This allows you to match any outfit economically and with great comfort.  We also have accessories such as hanging straps, to store your different shoe tops. The idea is patented and we are constantly expanding every day to fulfill an innovative shoe niche in today's market.”